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Summer is coming to an end. With the changing of the seasons comes changes for your skin and lips. Right now, I’m loving Kristina Kelly’s lip balm line, HEARTSPRING. Kristina is a friend and part of the SUR family, and I’m happy to support a fellow female entrepreneur! Her variety of balms keep my lips perfectly moisturized in the Los Angeles heat (and wherever I’m traveling) and it’s honestly the best line I’ve ever used. My two daughters enjoy using it as well – it’s great for all ages.

What I love most about these lip balms is that they are all organic, long-lasting (so there’s no need to constantly reapply), and the scents and flavors are not overwhelming. My favorite of Kristina’s lip balms is the lemon + sage flavor – it’s dynamic and refreshing. The lavender + honey is very soothing and works great all year round.

Kristina launched her line of lip balms three years ago and also recently released a face mist line with a rose mist and a cucumber mist. These are great for my on-the-go lifestyle. With a quick spritz, I’m instantly refreshed and hydrated after flying or hitting the beach or gym. These are especially good to use during the summer to help soothe your face and keep your skin feeling glowy.

Follow along with Kristina’s HEARTSPRING line product launches on Instagram and check out her HEARTSPRINGCO Etsy shop to instantly purchase her organic skin products. What’s your favorite beauty product to use all year long? Let me know in the comments section.

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