The Botanical Gardens at the Huntington Library

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The Botanical Gardens at the Huntington Library near Pasadena is one of my favorite landing-place for a relaxing walk with my girls.

The 12 gardens are an ever-changing exhibition of beauty and delights thru the different seasons of the year.

In spring, the incredible fragrant rose garden is my dearest destination; while in winter, I love browsing thru the desert garden.

The Japanese garden is a heaven of relaxation all year long. Because this landscape is very popular, I always plan to visit very early when the Huntington Library just opens so I am able to enjoy the magical and inspiring spirit of the Zen garden.

I have yet to attend a rare plant sale … it is only happening twice a year!


“All you need in life to lift your spirit is to take a moment and gaze at nature’s beauty”

Rose garden Monet Japanese garden Bamboo Waterfall Bonzai Iris Cactus Desert garden Cactus Lou and Miarose 

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