SK II Facial Treatment Essence

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I won a certificate for a SK II facial at Saks during the silence auction of my oldest daughter’s elementary school gala, back in June.

The envelope stayed on my desk forever before I finally took the time to book myself the treatment. I wonder now why it didn’t go sooner!

I always wanted to try the SKII facial mask, which I kept reading about. Celebrities were swearing by it. (The flawless Cate Blanchet is the face of SKII)

The esthetician/saleswomen greeted me nicely and introduced me to a cool computer who is basically taking very close pictures of your face and evaluates your skin condition. Apparently, mine must have been terrible if I have to judge by the expression of disgust on the face of some very snobby Beverly Hills housewife passing by.  Note to the salesperson: make this analyze a bit more private please.!!!

Time to get pampered in a elegant cabin on the last floor of Saks : soft cleaning, essence application, mask and quick massage. I felt great, relaxed and I look more radiant and firmer already.

I ended up buying the essence, the facial treatment repair C and the famous mask.

Went home and used it. And I Loved It!

It has been 3 weeks now and my skin is more moist and softer. My wrinkles and my spots are reduced and I noticed it had improved my skin texture and firmness too!

A winner. Definitively going back to try more from the line.

Ps: It is very important to press the essence into your skin. Not rubbing, not patting but really pressing gently but firmly the liquid to your face with the palms of your hands.

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