Marche de la Place des Lices , Saint Tropez

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In the heart of St Tropez at the Place des Lices is a sensual outdoor market where local vendors bring in local fruits like heavily perfumed and juicy white peaches and home-prepared items such as French breads and olive tapenades.

Couple summer’s ago, I was done browsing the market and was heading to the local bar to enjoy the traditional Pastis de Marseille aperitif (I personally like it served with a touch of grenadine; Order your “tomate” to the French barman during your next trip… a must try!).

However, a very colorful and silky beach cover up got my attention. Wearing the dress in the very hot summer matinee was a regal… so light, so joyful. I had to purchase it in every color.

It’s now available to you here.

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