I have this thing with Chairs!

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For as long of I remember, I always loved browsing the local brocante ( flea market) in quest of the unique piece of furniture who will catch my eyes. I am drawn to pieces that show their age. If I stop and think for a second, it is also true about jewelry as I am only attracted to vintage old pieces with character  and history which are far more exciting to me than mass-produced jewels.

feather chair

Anyway, on a regular basis, I  find myself very excited by transforming some very beat up chairs and getting them back to life . It is sort of a therapy for me.

Leopard Chair

My round dining table is surrounded by one of kind Louis XIV, Louis Philippe, Louis XVI armchairs. The Queen is gold and reupholstered in dusty rose  leather,  light pink wild silk and pale pink suede. The King is gold with black ostrich and black velvet. The Mademoiselles are black chairs with deep purple velvet. I am drawn to texture that become more beautiful with age and are wonderful to touch.

IMG_3280 (1)

One of my most exciting project was when I found this Period Empire canapé. This sofa was lost in the back of an old and dusty store on Pico , more of a rubbish store than a vintage store! The price tag was ridiculously delicious! The next step was to get to DTLA to pick a beautiful natural Belgian linen for the make over. Instead I felt in love with a deep and warm  pink tattered velvet. After repainting the wood in imperfect white, reupholstering the sofa in hot pink, it is now the Piece of Resistance of my living room.






… After.

One of my last project was made with some blue and red oil paints . I grabbed a white chair and painted the French flag to scream my sadness and pay tribute to my country in some very difficult time.


Vive La France!


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