Fighting Gravity with Pilates

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We, french people, have a different attitude towards fitness. We got exercise by cleaning the house, walking instead of driving, skipping the elevators and taking the stairs and running errands on foot whenever possible. I personaly  never hit the gym since high school, which send me back few decades ago!

However, sometime just after I turned 40, I was with my daughter Lou, 6  in a fancy dressing room trying some divine fashion clothing when she told me ” Maman, I think it’s time to start to exercise; your butt is looking sad!” Needless to say, the following day, I was introducing myself to Pilates!!!

I have been enjoying it, Yes, E N J O Y I N G Pilates since then.






First of all, those mindful movements are simply taking you away from your day to day stressful routine. The essential mental focus of the physical movements performed and the learning of breathing properly don’t allow you to think of anything else but your body.

Then, the quality of movement is valued over the quantity of repetition! I love that i can built a strength, sleek and toned body without a sweat.

It taught me body awareness, good posture and graceful movements. I am working now on improving my flexibility.



So my daughter is now commenting on my fabulous new pencil skirt and that’s it!

Happier, Healthier and Taller!

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