About Nathalie Z


Parisienne In LA was created in 2015 by Parisian expat Nathalie Pouille Zapata
to share her penchant for Parisian style and her newfound love for Southern
California. She is especially obsessed with fashion, food, interior design,
photography & art. With a cosmopolitan attitude uniquely her own and a
knack for discovering and curating unique objets d’art and fashion, Nathalie’s
blog inspires women of all ages, and although it’s as chic and sophisticated as
you’d expect from a Parisian gal, it also provides cheeky and down-to-earth

Very few Parisians are in fact from Paris. Of course, any Parisian woman would
love you to believe she was born in Paris, but she was most likely born and
raised in Rennes or even in Clermont-Ferrand! Even so, being a Parisian has less
to do with where you were born and more with a je ne sais quoi that is a
distinct Parisian attitude.

As a girl, I dreamed about the perpetual effervescence of the city of lights
and eventually moved into my first (170 square foot!) flat in the heart of Paris
on rue des Blancs Manteaux when I was 24. And, yes, I loved Paris! The
shopping, the vernissages, the parties, the museums, the markets, the cafes,
the boulangeries. . . More than anything though, I loved to simply walk the
streets and discover a unique objet d’art, the perfect fashionable dress, a
coveted accessory, a delicately curated antique shop. . . Eventually, I found a
charming (and much larger) apartment in the 3rd arrondissement, close to my
favorite shopping street Rue des Francs Bourgeois, near one of the oldest
covered markets in Paris: Le Marche des Enfants Rouges.

Life in Paris seemed perfect.

That is, until I landed in L.A. in 2001. I found it to be truly a city of angels, so
different from Paris. Strangers greeted one with a smile on the street. (Don’t try
to say Hello if you cross paths with a stranger on a small street in Paris. He will
think you are crazy or that you are hitting on him).

One night I stepped into a restaurant at the corner of Robertson and Melrose
and I fell immediately in love with my soul mate, the owner, a dark and
handsome Argentinean man named Guillermo. I left my beloved Paris to start
a new life with Guillermo and now I traipse around Southern California
discovering fashion, objet d’arts, interesting people and places. And, with my
husband, we run SUR, one of the sexiest and most successful restaurants in the
city (frequently featured on The Housewives of Beverly Hills) with our partners,
Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd, we are raising two beautiful young
daughters, Lou and Miarose and, of course, I share my passions, my adventures and my finds on this blog.